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After heading away to a buddies cottage this weekend I’m really digging an article by Austin Bonds called “Interruptions.”

He begins his article by writing:

Interruptions inundate us daily, stealing our attention, deflecting our thoughts elsewhere. Let me illustrate with a quick example…as I write this article, a lawn mower is humming outside the window; I received a phone call moments ago; the television is on in the next room. I have always been fascinated with teenagers who complete homework with headphones on, concurrently posting messages on MySpace. Ironically, many perform very well academically, unimpeded by a phenomenon society as a whole continues to master–multitasking.

This past winter through some sermons, books I’ve read and conversations that I’ve had with friends I’ve realized the importance of setting aside one day a week where I don’t log online and I try to do other things to uphold the Sabbath so that I can clear my head and attempt to spend some time with God. Do you have any idea how hard that is for an ADD kid like myself? Wow! I’ve tried to keep Sunday’s as my chill day but even during the NFL season I find myself getting antsy by dinner time and jonesing to log onto Facebook or fire off some email to friends. Shortly after dinner I find myself starting to create excuses to log on and check my email or surf the ‘net and most days I can have the self control to win that battle. However, there are countless days where I crumble like a cookie and can’t hold out. What is it about the need to feel connected via email and my cell phone that provides such a strong pull?

Heading into this weekend I knew I’d be like a coffee addict going into withdrawal without my laptop but I refused to buckle to my addiction to feel “connected” and I left it at home. My cell phone, however, was a whole other issue. I kept it turned off for the majority of the weekend but I would turn it on for a bit each evening to listen to my voicemails and respond to text messages that were rolling in.

While reading through Austin’s article I couldn’t help but chuckle when he wrote:

As unwelcome and unwanted as interruptions are from time to time, they keep us on our toes. They can create a moment of aghast shock, a jarring of the mind. I recently listened to a radio program and will never forget this humbling phrase: “One phone call can change your life.” Sadly, a full and joyous life degrades through this mindset; anxiety and fear begin to control thought patterns. But interruptions are the quintessential unknown, the essence of uncertainty. They are unavoidable in life. There is another side to this coin though. Interruptions break the ebb and flow of monotony, the slump a typical work week exacts. Joy surfaces when a friend calls to spend time catching up. Glee rises when an unexpected bonus finds its way to your desk. Delight ascends when a child takes his or her first steps.

For some odd reason as much as I loved the peace I enjoyed while away from “life” I also feel a strong desire to still feel connected to what was going on back home. Why is that I needed the distraction from the calm and tranquility of the cottage?


Written by Ryan

July 24, 2007 at 1:32 am

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