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The Divine Hovering

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“The chuppah is a place of confidentiality. If one partner doesn’t know whether they can trust the other, they will not share certain things. And these may be the kinds of things that if there were trust, would bring them together.Is this between you and me,

or you, me and your friends?

Because that is going to change how much I tell you,

how much I let you in,

how much I trust you with,

how much I give you.

How naked I get with you.

Is this arguement between you and me,

or between you and me and whoever you are going to tell about it?

Is this quirky habit of mine something I let you see because I know you love me no matter what, or is this something you will entertain friends with at a party?

How safe are you?

There’s the profound, mystical sexual union that happens under the chuppah, with God hovering over the couple, blessing them. And then there are the endless conversations and gestures and glances and discussions as two souls let their lives become enmeshed in one another.

We live in a world that constantly tries to pull sex out from under the chuppah.

A culture that shows it,

films it,

examines it, comments on in,

analyzes it,

and then wonders why everyone has lost interest.”

By Rob Bell in Sex God

Written by Ryan

February 24, 2008 at 4:10 pm

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