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A friend of mine talks honestly about how he spent years exploiting women for sex. He knew exactly what to say, how to act. He was a master at finding a woman who had troubled relationship with her father and manipulate the situation for his pleasure. The first time he was telling me his story, he made a profound point that is true for all of us. He said that exploiting women for sex didn’t just rob them of their humanity, it robbed him as well. As the years went by he found that he didn’t like what was happening to him. He was becoming less human in the process.He said he was becoming a monster.

In treating women as objects, he was losing something of his own humanity. Somewhere along the way he came to his senses. He was repulsed by the person he was becoming. He describes it as a”rebirth” in which for the first time he saw things as they really are. Several years later, my friend came across a group that works undercover in Southeast Asia to free young girls from the sex trade. In remote rural areas, girls are kidnapped and brought to the city, where they are forced to work as prostitues. My friend signed up and recently went undercover on a “mission” rescuing girls and helping them start a new life. I was with him when he showed a group of people a picture of him surrounded by the girls he had helped rescue. People were blown away by the picture.

He’s charging into hell and bringing heaven with him.

We don’t respect the diving image in others just because we want to uphold their humanity. It isn’t just about them.

It’s about us.

It’s about our humanity as well.

By Rob Bell in Sex God

Written by Ryan

February 12, 2008 at 10:00 pm

Posted in Books, Christian, Rob Bell

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