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The Beautiful Mess That Is Church

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I look back at being a kid and I remember then how church, God and religion used to be this thing that was either black or white. It was something that you believed beause your parents believe. Now, I read books from authors like Donald Miller, subscribe to Relevant Magazine and read blogs like Becoming and realize that other people appreciate the “gray” in religion and that it’s okay.

Another thing that’s helped my faith in recent weeks is reading blogs from other Christians who mix pop culture into their faith. After reading through a post on Becoming today I was amazed that she was able to mix a quote from Grey’s Anatomy into a solid discussion about Christianity. How great would it be if someone who came out with a book of daily devotions that used quotes from tv shows, movies and music that non-Christians use? That would turn out to be a huge ministry tool and one that myself as a Christian would enjoy reading (to be honest I’d still complain about doing daily devotionals but I promise I wouldn’t complain as much).

My favourite part of her article came when she wrote:

The other night while watching Grey’s, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the brilliant narration. While scrolling through each character’s scenario at the end, this narration in Dr. Bailey’s voice was spoken:

“As doctors, we know more about the human body now than at any point in our history. But the miracle of life itself; why people live and die, why they hurt and get hurt is still a mystery. We want to know the reason, the secret, the answer at the back of the book… because the thought of our being all alone down here is just too much for us to bear. But at the end of the day, the fact that we show up for each other, in spite of our differences, no matter what we believe, is reason enough to keep believing.”

That last line depicted for me exactly what the Church is and always should be. The fact that we show up for each other, in spite of our differences and beliefs, is reason enough to keep believing. It’s reason enough to keep living. We’re not alone. And no one is perfect. Everybody hurts sometimes. (enter R.E.M.)

As I reflected on the church meeting that was held this weekend and how so many kinds of people are a part of the church and how different we all are, I realized that it’s all just a beautiful mess. It’s a tangled web of crazy people. It’s full of people who are liars, cheaters, alcoholics, gossips, and druggies. It’s full of the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, the broken and the joyful, the weary and the strong. And not one is better than the other. We all sit in the same pews at the same level, and we all kneel before the same throne.

If you have some time this weekend I’d highly recommend you check out her entire post by clicking here.


Written by Ryan

January 25, 2008 at 12:01 pm

Posted in Christian, Religion

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