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The story of my life is the story of my faith…

God’s Adoption Agency

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“The word ask caught my attention, though. I said it to myself again, and it reeled me into a memory like a fish. I was back in church the week before as one of our memebers stood at the pulpit telling us about how she had come to adopt her little son. She and her husband and found him through an agency called ASK, for Adopt Special Kids. First they had to fill out a questionnaire, with questions like “Could you adopt an addicted baby? A child with a terminal illness? With mild retardation? With moderate retardation? With tendencies towards violence towards others?” She ticked off the list, and then she cried. Veronica stepped to her side. “God is an adoptive parent, too,” she said. “And she chose us all. She says, ‘Sure, I’ll take the kids who are addicted or terminal. I pick all the retarded kids, and of course the sadists. the selfish ones, the liars… ‘”

I stared at the little white agates in my hand, delicate as moon drops. The mystery of God’s love as I understand it is that God loves the man who was being mean to his dog just as much as he loves babies; God loves Susan Smith, who drowned her two sons, as much as he loves Desmond Tutu. And he loved her just as much while she was releasing the handbrake of her car as he did when she first nursed them. So of course he loves old ordinary me, ever or especially at my most scared and petty and mean and obsessive. Loves me; chooses me.”

By Anne Lamott in Traveling Mercies

Written by Ryan

January 5, 2008 at 10:35 am

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