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An Atheists Thoughts On Church

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By Hemant Mehta in I Sold My Soul On Ebay

It is clear that most churches have aligned themselves against nonreligious people. By adopting this stance, Christians have turned off the people I would think they want to connect with. The combative stance I’ve observed in many churches, and from many Christians on an individual level, is an approach that causes people to become apathetic—and even antagonistic—toward religion as a whole. By displaying a negative attitude toward anyone outside the religious community, people of faith make enemies of those who don’t believe in the same God they do. My purpose in writing this book is not to convince you of the wrongness of your belief and the rightness of mine. I don’t expect to create any new atheists. But I do think religion/nonreligion is a significant issue that deserves our careful attention. If people are turned off by the confrontational attitude prevalent in many churches, they may be turned off to all religion. If this happens, atheism would be ignored as well. (This isn’t to say atheism is a religion, but it is a belief system, and like religion, it requires a large measure of introspection.) Mounting controversy over religious differences could lead people to simply ignore religion, which could prevent them from seeking the truth that could lead to a fuller life. Apathy and indifference affect me—as a leader of an atheist group—as much as they affect you as a committed Christian.


Written by Ryan

December 24, 2007 at 4:25 am

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  1. Being a former atheist, and having been “churched” for the last 6 years, I now clearly remember why I was an atheist. Enough said about “church”. I have also discovered that the times I contenplated the idea of a god, I used the examples of men to draw my conclusions about the possible existence of god(s). In trying to prove the “new testament” to be nothing but foolishness, I became intrigued by the teachings of Jesus (the man). I then found myself to be the fool (which was not an easy thing to admit to myself). But, because I had brought it upon myself, I had no one else to be angry at, or to accuse of brain-washing me (since I considered myself too intelligent to let such a thing overtake me). Neither did I have any hypocrites to blame for the newly discovered void in my life (a constant feeling of desiring to know the un-knowable–now known to me as a void), since I was the only one in the room at the time of the “discovery”. Enough said.


    April 9, 2009 at 11:58 pm

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