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The Holy Man

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While reading through Rich Diamond’s book Wrestling With God I was struck by the following paragraph:

There’s a story from the book The Holy Man by Susan Trott in which people walk by the holy man they’ve come to seek because they’re just so intent on seeing what they think is a holy man. This guy just looks like the caretaker at the monestary. They walk right by him and he ushers them through the building, shows them the rooms, and leads them out the back door, smiling and wishing them well. A few people realize he is the holy man, but only a few, because they’re the ones who pay attention.

How do we know we don’t come in contact with God on a daily basis? If we were to run into God, would he be impressed that we’re living by his principles or disappointed that we’re instead holding firm to a bunch of old church cliches?

Written by Ryan

December 7, 2007 at 5:48 pm

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