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The story of my life is the story of my faith…

Shrek and Edward Norton

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By Rich Diamond in “Wrestling With God”

Shrek is a lot like us; we believe in the hopefulness of the fairy tale and the love story; but we also like that it’s irrelevant and admits that life isn’t all sweetness. Shrek starts in an outhouse and ends in an onion, but it’s an onion wedding carriage. That makes sense. True love is a big onion.

The life we’re constructing not isn’t safe or perfect, but it’s what we know. And we try to be honest about what we’ve got to work with. It’s like a situation comedy but one where a guy stands offstage with a machine gun.

We fantasize that we’re like the models, or the movie stars, or the sports heroes. That someday we’ll be on Survivor or American Idol. That getting up, going to school or work, hanging out with friends, is enough. Go shopping. Read. And it’s good. It’s fine. To make that life more pleasant, we buy more toys – music, entertainment centers, sports equipment, cars, houses, cigarettes, vacations, power, stuff, more channels. And we spend some time there for awhile. It’s fun. But we can also tell that we’re not building anything. Which is okay on the short run. And right now feels like the short run. No hurry yet.

Some days, though, we feel a little like Edward Norton in Fight Club. We’ve filled our apartment with great and beautiful crap from upscale catalogues and malls, but there is a yawning black hole in our head. In his case, he responds with violence and schizophrenia. But surely that’s not necessarily theonly alternative. We can do both, right? Balance between getting stuff and enjoying life, and also waiting to see if anything more lasting comes up.

So we keep looking for “it.” most days, we find ourselves just doing life. And that’s really, honestly, enough for right now. And, seriously, that’s okay. But at the same time, all along, you may be like me. I keep listening, at least a little here and there, for something behind or below the noise of my everyday life.


Written by Ryan

December 5, 2007 at 10:27 pm

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