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How To Awaken

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What I am suggesting is that to become like a child again is one way to awaken. Kids dance. They sing. They make art. They laugh when they’re not supposed to, notice what they’re not supposed to. They don’t care. They’re just in their own skin, and the world is still alive to them. They haven’t started measuring their surroundings based solely on what those surroundings can mean to their own status or productivity.There’s a story in the Bible about an old man, Eli, who was in charge of a temple. So, he was important. Lots of responsibility. Big resume. Diplomas on the wall. He was also a terrible father – too busy achieving things.

A boy named Samuel comes to live in the temple to study to become a priest. One night Samuel is lying in bed and he hears a voice calling his name. He goes to Eli and asks him what he wanted. Eli says he didn’t call him and orders him back to bed. It happens again. Eli says, “get out of here and go to bed. I’ve got a lot to accomplish tomorrow.” Finally, Eli gets it and says, “whoa, wait a minute – If the voice calls again, answer, ‘Here I am, Lord.’” It happens. And God gives a message to Samuel, which comes true.

It turns out that God wants this boy not to become only a priest, but also a prophet. Someone who hears God directly and speaks on what he hears. The thing that makes this kid have this amazing opennes to the Spirit is that Samuel listens, especially in the darkness. Why doesn’t Eli the priest hear? He is asleep, literally and spiritually.

But what if you’re not a child anymore? I’m not. It’s a struggle for me to really listen to my heart, or to the voice of God. It’s really hard for me to put up with mystery. I need to know the answers. I need to be in control. However, I also don’t want to live under the mass cultural trance. It’s the ultimate unsatisfying. I don’t know how I know that; I just know. What’s the answer? What can help me awaken?

If you’re asking those questions, you’re on the road already. You’re waking up. Maybe the “we’ll see” mind has started to believe that there may be something to see. The life that the great myths, the great traditions, and the great paths talk about is something large. Something wild. Something you can’t explain or control. It’s a journey you have to travel and it’s first steps are to leave the place you were and go out into a new place. As you take those first steps, you realize: I didn’t know this was here! How long has this been here?

By Rich Diamond in Wrestling With God


Written by Ryan

September 20, 2007 at 6:16 pm

Posted in Religion, Rich Diamond

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