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Why Do Expectations Increase?

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A running joke I have with buddies is that we should never open up with a big gift with a new girl that we’re dating. No  matter how much we’re digging them, or how much we want to impress them, I’ve learned that we need to start small and build our way up.

Why? Because if you show up with a huge gift for one occasion and then show up with a small or medium gift for the next event (birthday, Valentines day, anniversary) you will undoubtabely find yourself in the doghouse. Something I learned an early age is that when dating someone you always need to be upping the ante.

I never understood why dating is like this, but now it all clicks after I was given yet another “ah hah” moment while reading Falling Into Love:

Why do expectations increase? Why can’t one perfect day of romance be enough? Del Amitri, one of my favourite songwriters, sings, “Life isn’t worth living without a little love, but a little love is never enough.” He couldn’t have sung or written it better. We all want more. We always want more. We are never loved enough.

Lia’s never satisfied. I’m never satisfied. You’re never satisfied. Our dog is never satisfied.

I have a theory about this. I may be way off, but here it is: each one of us have an infinte need for love. We will never receive enough love to quench the need inside. We will always hunger for me. Kind of depressing.

Ah! But here’s a thought: we were made this way on purpose. God created us this way for a reason – not because He is mean, but because he has an infinite supply of love. Only a heart big enough to hold an infinite supply is big enough to receive an infinite supply. He wants us to receive all of His love. So He made our Hearts big enought to fit Him – large enough to hold all of His love.

So the love I’m used to chasing after won’t be enough, even if I catch it. It won’t completely satisfy. I might satiate my appetitet for a day, even a year – it might satisfy me like a Snickers – but sooner or later I’ll be hungry again.

I am hungry all the time. I have love-hunger comparable to the appetite of a Tryanusaurus Rex.

But I believe one day all this will change. One day, down this road called, for a lack of a better word, Life, I’m going to sit down to a feast. This, by the way, is the description Jesus gives of heaven. And a voice will say, “Come. Eat. Be satisfied.” And I will soak in the spread, which will contain all of my favourite stuff. It’s going to be lovefood. and I’m going to pig out… forget the silverware. I’m going to eat like a viking. It’s going to be perfect.

Until then, I’ll suffer and starve through imperfect Valentine’s Days, and poor Lia will suffer and stave through Valentine’s Day disappointments. I guess we’ll just hunger together until we enter that corner cubicle penthouse in the sky and eat the food of Life – eat until we’re full, and never want again.


Written by Ryan

August 20, 2007 at 11:42 am

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