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The Spark

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After being fortunate to spend yet another weekend away at a cottage with buddies a post by Jared called “The Spark” really spoke to me this afternoon. I’ve found this summer that during my weekends away it’s been great to slow down, relax and take the chance, soak in God’s beauty and have enough “quiet time” to spend some quality time with God. Why is it that during the school year I get too busy coaching and with teaching responsibilities to slow down like this?

Anyways, before I ramble on too much I wanted to highlight one section in particular that stuck out for me:

Tonight I was sitting in my backyard just enjoying God’s creation. I think that is something that we as Christians need to do more often, just slow down and appreciate the beautiful world that God has given us to enjoy. One of the things that made me smile were the fireflies. They were out tonight, not overly so but they dotted the evening sky and added some interest to the already gorgeous night. While watching them and looking at the trees and the sky I got to thinking.

It’s truly amazing that God is in everything in creation. I’m not speaking of a pantheistic theology here but more in the way the He sustains all life. He has the power and the right to just give up on all creation and release His loving hold on us. Of course this would be the end of the world as we know it (cue R.E.M. song) But He doesn’t. He thinks enough of all life to sustain it, to keep us going as it were.

I started to think about how this applies to us as Christians and how this should affect the way that we view the world… and the people in it. It gives a whole new meaning to self-worth. How can we put ourselves down when the creator of all things, savior of our souls, thinks enough of us to sustain us. It makes it a little harder to think that you are worthless, or that what you do doesn’t matter. God woke us up today for a reason, He allows us to live for a reason. Thank God that He loves us so much.

The entire post is great and I’d recommend you take a couple minutes of our your day to read through what Jared wrote in his post The Spark.

Written by Ryan

August 9, 2007 at 3:24 am

Posted in Christian

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