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Something that you’ll realize about me as you read through my blog is that I have a really hard time being still. I’d like to blame it on the fact that I have ADD and I’m a hyper hypo but the reality is that I just need to take some time each day with God and find ways to focus during church sermons.

While reading through Steve Case’s book “God Is Here” this point was hammered home when he wrote:

Disquietude is a very cool word. It means to have feelings of anxiety or uneasiness that makes you tense or irritable. Too often this is how we approach God. Ken Davis, a noted speaker, often says, “there isn’t a parent in this room who has not spent a Sunday morning with their hands around the throat of a child they love dearly.”

Getting up and going to church becomes an ordeal. We sit in pews and think of the things we could be doing. We concentrate with intensity on ripping the check out of the checkbook one perforation at a time, oping that no one will hear the cht… cht… cht…cht.

We notice the cobwebs in the lights. We notice the noise our stomachs make. We notice whose kids are brats. We notice that the choirmaster is drifting off and leaning slightly to port. We notice that there are exactly seven spelling errors or grammatical errors in the bulletin and wonder why they don’t use spell check.

Part of the problem is that when we go to church, we think we are an audience. More and more churches are being built like theatres. There’s a stage, a light show, a drop-down screen and a sound system with a killer band. All the focus is on the stage. Pastors become actors and eventually stars.

If you travel outside of the United States, you find that the churches in other countries, by their very architecture, are designed to lift the face, lift the voice, lift the spirit. The congregation is not an audience. The choir, the pastor, the people sitting in the pews, the band, the liturgist, or any other worship “helper” are all part of the same worship experience. God is the audience. The pastor and the congregation are on equal tier. We are there to worship God… together.

Next Sunday instead of giggling at the mistakes in the church bulletin or making excuses instead of reading my bible I’m going to think back to this excerpt. Then, hopefully instead of making excuses on why I don’t need to be still instead I’ll realize the benefits of slowing down and allowing God to speak to me.

Written by Ryan

July 23, 2007 at 2:36 pm

Posted in Books, Christian, Steve Case

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